What To Expect From Your Pregnant Cat

Your pregnant cat should be allowed to live a normal life, especially during the first stages of her pregnancy. She can even be allowed to venture outdoors to play and hunt. After she is visibly distended, you should restrict her because her center of gravity (due to the growing kittens) will greatly affect her balance.

Do not worry much about limiting your pregnant cat’s activities, as she will innately become more careful herself, searching for her nesting site.

As she gets bigger and the pregnancy progresses, the pregnant cat will undergo an increased level of progesterone, nature’s way of preparing her for the delivery, that brings with it relaxation.

Your cat will start sitting in a prone position as she gets bigger. As she stretches out on her side, she distributes her “load” more evenly, allowing the floor to help her with the stress of carrying all the weight.

Sitting up, the pregnant cat will keep switching positions as she can not get comfortable. Her large tummy will make her look pear-shaped, and the pinking will become more visible as she nears her due date.

To sum up, the pregnant cat does not really need any special care. I’m sure everyone is anxious and wants to do more, but there is no need. You don’t even need to worry about making a fuss about the kittens’ arrival, since for the first couple of weeks they’ll be completely dependent on their nursing cat mom for everything.

So, for those who are completely unaware of when their cat got pregnant, if your pregnant cat seems more “lethargic”, as she slows down more, be mentally prepared for the arrival of her newborn kittens.

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