The Pregnant Cat’s Demeanor

pregnant cat exudes tranquility, calmness and serenity during her pregnancy, and some would argue after the kitten birth as well. The scientific explanation for her behavior is based on her increase of progesterone, the hormone that prevails during pregnancy and lactation (nursing). The pregnant cat is less prone to fighting with other cats and she becomes affectionate and more relaxed around humans.
During the last days of her pregnancy, as birth approaches, she does not wander away from her home. She stays close to her nest where she will give birth to her kittens.
The progesterone acts like a relaxant that suppresses her fears as it makes her feel more secure. The progesterone increase also helps during the actual birth.
As I said in the beginning, “some would argue”. Allow me to explain. While that may be the case with some cats, my experience is that regardless of the progesterone effects, the maternal instinct will make a new mother cat extra aggressive and cautious. If a nursing cat thinks that her kittens are at risk, she will not hesitate to go straight into attack mode, bypassing the threat phase altogether.
If it’s still too early and you’re not sure whether your cat is pregnant, one of the cat pregnancy signs you can look for is the overall relaxation that accompanies the pregnancy. Remember though, the progesterone takes a few days to kick in as well, so you may want to visit the cat vet for an actual diagnosis, if you don’t want to rely strictly to feline pregnancy signs.

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