The Cat Tree Is A Favorite

I can’t stress enough how invaluable the cat tree has been for both my kittens and my home. The kittens are approaching three months now and they’re more inquisitive and destructive by the minute. If it wasn’t for the cat tree, I’m sure things would be more out of control. I have set up three cat trees around the house so far, all in strategic positions, including the one inside the outdoor cat enclosure. It is clear that the cat tree is a major tool in kitten proofing one’s home. As far as cat proof furniture goes, this one is the cat’s and kittens’ favorite.

The nursing cat mom loves the cat tree. She, and her kittens, like all cats, feel safer being up high. She likes to groom them and fall asleep with them at the top. The only male, the tuxedo kitten, Charlie falls asleep hanging from the sides. He also enjoys his favorite game on the cat tree: catch the tail! His less inquisitive and more docile calico kitten litter mate, Puddles, lounges for hours on the cat tree, mostly on her back as she contemplates life. The photos below demonstrate what I just shared with you:

Don’t they look happy and relaxed on their beloved cat tree? I have more photos of them hanging on their cat tree in the cat enclosure to share in the near future.

The Crazy Cat Lady.

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