Pregnant Cat Expecting Kittens

Even before the obvious signs, weight gain and looking pregnant, your pregnant cat will start behaving maternally. She’s going to slow down her activities and she will increase her food intake. As the delivery date approaches, the pregnant cat will also groom herself more than usual, especially her swollen abdomen and her genital areas. Even closer to birth, she will spend more time finding and eventually settling down to her chosen nest, leaving her scent. The scent’s purpose is so that the soon to be born kittens can find their way back to the nest easily.

If you are eager to find out whether you are dealing with a pregnant cat, you can confirm the pregnancy further by checking the nipples for pinking. Between four to five weeks from conception, you should be able to feel the kittens, but be extremely gentle because you may harm them. I recommend you ask a professional to feel around for the kittens. You can also leave your cat alone for two months until the kittens are born. Then, get your cameras ready to get tons of adorable kitten pictures!

Pregnant cats do not really need extra care. They prefer to be left alone without much fuss.

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