Outdoor Cat Enclosures Are Invaluable

The kittens are almost three months old. They are all healthy and thriving under their mom’s constant care. I can’t stress enough how wonderful the nursing cat mom has been. As a matter of fact, I noticed recently that she was terribly skinny. Unlike some other nursing cats, when her kittens come near the food, this cat steps back. She always feeds her kittens first.

One of the kittens’ favorite pastimes is their outdoor cat enclosure. It’s a kitten play-land! They have a cat tree, a cat scratching post, a cat scratching board, colorful strings, plenty of toys, and lots of sunshine to play and roll in. Their favorite “toy” is a real log I added to the cat proof furniture. I love how much they enjoy it because they actually get to trim their nails on it, unlike the Emery Cat Scratching Board that sharpened them.

I am about to share with you kitten pictures. Some are random because I haven’t posted any in a while, but the majority is of the outdoor cat enclosure. I hope you enjoy the cat enclosure photos because if you’re like me, it’ll get your mind thinking creatively and perhaps you’ll make your own.

The tuxedo kitten, Charlie, is the most alert and interactive of the litter. As soon as he hears my voice he runs towards me letting out a screetching sound. I think he likes me. The calico kitten, Puddles or Esmeralda, (still figuring out kitten names), is adorable. Since her beloved sister Loli left us, and I have so regretted that placement, Puddles has assumed Loli’s behavior. She spends lots of time on her back either sleeping, observing, or sucking on her pads. Finally, Cassandra or Alley, our muted tortie, is a crazy kitten. She’s the least socialized, even though they all got the same attention. She’s the most striking one. She’s no beauty, but she turns heads because of how unique she looks. She’s our wild one and we adore her.

Speaking of kitten socialization, so far the cat family has accepted fully one of the three cats. It’s the old timer, Maximillian the Great, our ten year old Maine Coon cat. He loves the kittens, especially the tuxedo male who keeps bumping noses with him. Max is happier than he’s ever been in my home.

As you can tell, the family is well cared for and quite content. I’m still figuring out how much to feed them each day, they’re all growing so fast!

The Crazy Cat Lady

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