National Cat Day 2010

When is National Cat Day 2010? This year, National Cat Day is on October 29th. National Dog Week last an entire week, while poor felines are under-appreciated and handed the short end of the leash. Lucky for cats, Colleen Paige, and animal behaviorist and Pet Lifestyle Expert, founded National Cat Day to encourage cat adoptions and to recognize the value of the cat as a human companion. Cats are independent creatures with a free will. No matter how much you beat a dog, he’s going to remain loyal. If a cat is mistreated or simply doesn’t like her home, she simply moves to a better one. Bottom line, cats have personality! Cats also lower blood pressure, helping ease stress and granting their owners peaceful moments. Cast are also filling our shelters. An estimated 4 million cats end up at our local pounds. Out of those millions an estimated 25-50% are euthanized.

This blog celebrates cats every day. Our rescue cats are honored and cared for accordingly. There will be no extra festivities to honor them on National Cat Day, because opening our home to them and making sure all their needs and wants are met is sufficient. What I would like people to focus on this National Cat Day and every day of the year is cat rescue! I may be “crazy” but my main focus for the past several years has been pet adoption of all species, including cats.

If you like cats and have some room for “just one more”, just do it. Let’s help clean out the shelters, and I mean through the front door!

Happy National Cat Day to all the cats in the world. May there be a day when the shelters are empty… Adopt a pet, save a life!

The Crazy Cat Lady

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