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For most cats, catnip is a treat. It’s a way to get your cat to go crazy and play. In the botanical world, catnip (aka catswort, catmint) goes by the name Nepeta Cataria. The catnip herb affects most cats, but not all. Some become rather playful while others become aggressive. If you have a semi-feral cat, be careful the first time you introduce her to catnip. The catnip effects can be rather intoxicating and psychedelic.

Kittens and Catnip: Kittens younger than 10 months old usually have no reaction and display no noticeable catnip effects.

If you want to grow catnip:

The catnip herb is easy to plant. Beware though, since it belongs in the mint family, it can be weed-like and take over your yard. I prefer to grow my catnip plant in a pot, starting out with catnip seeds. It’s cheaper and safer for my cats. The store-bought catnip may be grown using insecticides. Growing catnip is easy even for those who are amateur gardeners.

Catnip Toy:

There is a vast variety of catnip toys to choose from. My cats love a good catnip toy. One of their favorites is the catnip cigar:

Another good catnip toy is the catnip banana:

The best selling catnip brand is Cosmic Catnip. They are the makes of the Cosmic Catnip Banana Toy, the Cosmic Catnip Filled Cigar Toy, and another favorite of our cats’ the Cosmic Catnip Bubbles!

If you haven’t tried experimenting with catnip yet, I urge you to give it a shot. Your cat will most likely be grateful. Keep your video camera nearby. Catnip effects can be hilarious.

Catnip Pictures to demonstrate the catnip effects I just discussed:

As you can see for the catnip pictures you just saw, the above three cats loved it. The catnip effects lasted at least ten minutes each time I introduced their catnip toy, or exposed them to the actual outdoors catnip herb plant.

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